December 06, 2016


Introducing the Brush Marker 12 colours, Pelikan latest product for all art enthusiasts out there. Our Brush Marker 12 colours is the result of our wish to fulfill the demand of the market for a quality but affordable brush marker. Beginner brush marker users will be most appreciative of it because this set suits their learning needs perfectly by providing silky smooth brush strokes in rich and vivid colours that flow flawlessly, making it easier to perfect each strokes.

Brush markers are generally used for many different things including calligraphy, coloUring, illustration, lettering, doodling, design and a lot more. This is the same with Pelikan Brush Marker 12 colours, you can use it for any art project you can think of and it will perform well. The fact that it lies well in your hand gives you a comfortable and effortless writing experience while the precise yet flexible tip makes it especially great for your calligraphy work or hand lettering.

While calligraphy is what Pelikan Brush Marker is primarily for, the quality of the ink ensures it’s a good painting tool as well. The bright and long lasting colours provide you the quality you look for to come up with a painting you proud of. The tip is like a combination of the best features of a marker and a paintbrush and as a result, painting is a real pleasure.

 As a bonus, Pelikan Brush Marker is toxic free making sure it is safe and reliable, and the packaging is made of environmentally friendly material.


For those who are looking to make a beautiful gift out of Pelikan Brush Marker, we have just the thing you are looking for. Our exclusive Best Friends set not only provides the tools you need to create your beautiful artwork but comes in a beautiful gift box as well! 

The Best Friends set consists of Pelikan Brush Marker 12 colours and Coloured Pencil 36 colours. The nice packaging makes it not only a practical set but also a pretty nice gift especially for the holiday season and the new school term.

Get both the Pelikan Brush Marker 12 colours and the Best Friends set now from Pelikan Store online here