September 27, 2021

Edelstein® Ink Collection
Ink of the Year 2021 – Golden Beryl

Long time awaited and one of the most wanted out of the Top Ten list: The new shade of Edelstein® Ink of the year 2021 Golden Beryl gets golden-sparkling!

For the first time, an Edelstein® Ink of the year is a shimmering ink with yellow-golden ink colour and shimmering pigments. The fascinating gem stone of the Beryl in its golden version is the name giver of this fascinating colour. But this extraordinary ink needs to be treated extraordinary: before usage it is definitely necessary to shake the bottle well. When shaking it, you will be fascinated by the swirl of the shimmering flow. After writing the fountain pen and the ink feeder will be glad to receive an extra care by cleaning it carefully with water.

You can discover the Edelstein® Ink of the Year 2021 at selected retailers and on Pelikan Store online here