April 10, 2018


Limited Edition - Spirit of 1838

Spirit of 1838

From chemist to king of inks. Carl Hornemann had two significant traits that characterized his undertakings: Scientific expertise and a great deal of passion. Thus, he founded a paint and ink factory that grew to become a company of great international success. Pelikan is celebrating “180 years of passion” on April 28. Congratulations!


Our anniversary icon is an homage to the stylish creation that has piqued boundless desire for decades: The Souverän with a fine, pinstriped appearance. Our classic in a green and black striped design is Pelikan’s brand ambassador and flagship. These days it also charms the writer in an elegant silver and black edition. A charismatic presence with a unique spirit.


Small stones with a dazzling effect. You can see that the famous pelican in the cap is guarding its chicks, and if you look further, you will also find that it has laid three radiant diamonds in its nest. They are an allegory for the values of trust, reliability, and being Made in Germany, all of which Pelikan takes very seriously. A brilliant idea.

A Prestigious Core

The nib represents the beating heart of every fountain pen. Thanks to genuine flair and decades of experience, our highly qualified employees produce pieces of fine gold with strong character: A silver-plated gold nib with special engraving crowns the “Spirit of 1838”. You notice it at first glance: The ink in this pen is also its lifeblood.

Limited Edition

Each piece is unique. Each piece is also a favorite. Each piece features an engraved edition number too. While that may sound quite technical, it also means that there is an outstanding, natural allure to these pens: The allure of exclusivity. Limited editions create desire – the desire of owning one of the 180 pieces created worldwide. One hundred and eighty is a small number, yet the pleasure lasts a lifetime.

Sterling Silver

Classic elegance meets a premium finish. High-sheen silver ornamentation decorates the cap, rings, and Pelikan clip on our anniversary edition. The barrel also appears elegant with fine sterling silver and soft guilloche. If you are lucky enough to call this treasure your own, it will certainly be a special favourite in your collection.