January 30, 2018

No Twist® - No fun

The Twist® fountain and rollerball pen is shaped in a way to lie well in the hand. The ergonomic gripping zone ensures an absolutely relaxed writing posture and you'll bring your text to paper easy as pie. The Twist® pens are perfectly suitable for non-stop use at school and at home. Even during long periods of writing, the fountain pen is a joy thanks to its stainless steel nib. The pen glides gently over the surface, making it a breeze for users to get their thoughts down on paper. And if you do make a mistake? No problem, the pen's blue ink can be easily erased with ink eradicators.

  • NEW pen colours in fancy golden-rose and apple-blue shades
  • Suitable for left-and right-handers
  • Quality Made in Germany

You may find the entire collection of Twist® fountain and rollerball pens at Pelikan Store, The Gardens Mall and at Pelikan Store online here.