October 01, 2018


Schoolbag Used For New
1 - 31 October 2018

We are pleased to bring back the “Schoolbag Used for New” donation charity drive at Pelikan Store! Starting from 1st until 31st October 2018, you can donate your used schoolbag to charity through the Pelikan Store at The Gardens Mall. In return, you will receive a 30% discount voucher to buy a new herlitz schoolbag of your choice! This is a great way to upgrade to the latest herlitz schoolbag at a valued price while supporting a good cause.


So how to be part of this?
To be part of “Schoolbag Used for New”, please bring your used schoolbag to the Pelikan Store at The Gardens Mall and hand it over to Pelikan Store staff for inspection. All brands of schoolbags will be accepted provided they are in a ‘presentable/reasonable condition’. We hope to collect as many schoolbags as possible to donate to a charity home. Should your schoolbag be acceptable for our donation charity drive, you will then be given a 30% schoolbag discount voucher that you can utilize to purchase a brand new herlitz schoolbag at the Pelikan Store valid at any time until 18 November 2018.

What does ‘presentable/reasonable condition’ mean?
It means the schoolbag must be fit for everyday use and functioning as it should. Schoolbags that are dirty/soiled beyond cleanable state or have significant damages will not be accepted. There must be no tears and holes at any part of the schoolbag and no visible cracks and breaks at the plastic areas of the schoolbag. The zipper and the lock must be working well. The acceptance of your schoolbag is at Pelikan Store’s and management of Pelikan Asia Sdn Bhd’s full discretion.


What happens to your used schoolbag?
Other than the great savings you will receive for a brand new schoolbag, the best thing about “Schoolbag Used for New” is you that get to contribute to charity as well. Your used schoolbag will be cleaned, freshened, and donated, along with stationery by Pelikan to a charity home for underprivileged children.


Terms & Conditions

  • All schoolbags regardless of brand can be donated. Other types of bags, such as knapsacks etc that are suitable to be used for school (primary or secondary) will be considered.
  • The schoolbags must be in a reasonable condition. Dirty schoolbags or schoolbags with significant damages will not be accepted. There must be no tears/holes and/or cracks/breakages at any areas of the schoolbags. The zipper and the lock must be working perfectly.
  • Schoolbags with corporate brand/logo, or representing specific groups (political, religious etc) will not be accepted.
  • The acceptance of the used schoolbag(s) is at the full discretion of the Pelikan Store’s and Pelikan Asia Sdn Bhd’s management.
  • You can donate as many schoolbags as possible. You will receive one (1) 30% schoolbag discount voucher for each schoolbag you have donated.
  • The 30% schoolbag discount voucher can only be used to purchase one (1) herlitz schoolbag and valid at the Pelikan Store, The Gardens Mall only. The voucher is valid until 18 November 2018.
  • The 30% schoolbag discount voucher is not valid with other promotions, discounts or other vouchers.
  • Pelikan Asia Sdn Bhd reserves the right to change the terms & conditions at any time for any reason without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on Pelikan Malaysia Facebook & Instagram platforms.