September 15, 2017

Special Edition

Classic 200 Smoky Quartz

Different than the others: this series 200 Smoky Quartz is the first version refined with golden trimmings. The golden rings, the fine Pelikan clip and the gold-plated steel nib match perfectly with the colour temperature of brown-colored, smoky shades.



The series M200 will be offered as a fountain pen with differential piston mechanism and a ballpen with the well established push-mechanism. The nib of the fountain pen M200 has a gold-plated stainless steel nib. Depending on individual handwriting and liking it is available in nib width EF, F, M and B.

The set of M200 fountain pen together with the Edelstein Ink bottle gives the colour concept another thrill: Especially for the set, the Edelstein Ink bottle was refined with golden letters as well. Marvelous!

You may find the collection for purchase here. Hope you enjoy the latest classy pen from Pelikan!