Starting school is an important milestone in the life of every child and their parents. Making sure their children have the best possible materials is a matter of course for most mothers, fathers and grandparents – ensuring the boys and girls are ideally supported in the learning environment from day one.

In addition to arithmetic and reading, learning to write plays an important role in starting school. As a leading expert in writing and painting, Pelikan developed the first holistic product concept with its griffix® range, providing consistent support throughout the whole process of learning how to write.

The ergonomic design of griffix® products fosters the correct way to hold the pen and trains fine motor skills. The new griffix® brushes are the perfect addition to the griffix® learn-to-write system, because painting is an important tool for improving the fine motor skills of children’s hands. Specially adapted to the needs of primary school pupils and perfected for use in lessons, the new griffix® quality brushes ensure lots of painting fun.

What makes our griffix® brushes unique?

  1. The advantage is in the handle
  • Ergonomic triangular handle with special length suitable for children
  • Non-slip surface for secure hold
  • Easy cleaning and drying thanks to plastic handle
  • Suitable for various painting techniques
2. The heart of the brushes are the hairs
  • Synthetic hair in premium quality
  • Robust and stays in form
  • No annoying hair loss
  • Easy cleaning and drying

3. Perfect suitability for school

  • Does not roll away because of the triangular handle
  • Easy selection of the right brush by colour code
  • With name field
  • Longevity thanks to high-quality materials

The winning 5 for primary school

The new griffix® brushes make sure primary school children are ideally equipped for school art lessons. Any and all painting assignments can be successfully completed with the winning five. All in accordance with the school curriculum – for painting surfaces, dots and lines.

bristel brush size 12
• Flat brush for big areas (eg. heaven, meadow)
• The most important brush for starting school: dissolves colour tablets particularly easily.

hair brush size 10:
• The big hair brush – perfect for curved lines (eg. clouds, leaves)
• Larger details can be depicted beautifully thanks to the tapered tip.

bristle brush size 6:
• Flat brush for small areas (eg. tree trunk)
• Also popular for strokes and edges among school beginners.

hair brush size 6
• Small round brush, perfectly tapered for small, fine details (eg. grass, butterfly)

cat tongue brush size 10
• All-round talent
• Flat brush with special cat tongue form – ideal for strokes, curves and lines.

Clever transport and storage solution: PINSELFIX

The elastic rubber band PINSELFIX is the perfect addition to the griffix® brushes. It ensures order in the twinkling of an eye. Drying, cleaning up or in combination with the water container – PINSELFIX is always the ideal solution.

You may view the brochure HERE and purchase the collection HERE.