herlitz schoolbags make children's dreams come true! Whether it is sparkling butterflies that change their colours due to flippable sequins, astronauts with shiny spacesuits who float through the universe, dangerous dinosaurs that show their teeth, colourful meadows with a beautiful selection of flowers, glitter unicorns that live in a fantasy world with rainbows and stars or fast race cars - fantasy and children's dreams know no limit at herlitz. 
With the first day of school, a new and exciting time begins for a child. The right schoolbag plays a decisive role because it becomes the daily companion of the schoolchild. Thanks to over 30 years of product experience in the schoolbags business herlitz knows, what is important in the development of schoolbags: quality, ergonomics, safety and great designs. All these product advantages are combined within the herlitz schoolbags models. In addition, herlitz offers a wide range of accessories for all designs.

The advantages at a glance.

All schoolbags by herlitz are subject to high quality standards with regard to the materials used and their processing. Each individual model passes through various stress tests according to the German school nomenclature DIN 58124. The water-repellent impregnation (no water-repellent impregnation at the herlitz Bilss and Ultimate) and robust, stable bottom plate reliably protect against wetness. The high-quality materials make herlitz schoolbags long-lasting and durable.

In terms of ergonomics, breathable and ergonomically shaped back paddings ensure excellent wearing comfort. Thanks to the ergoActive® back system developed by herlitz at the herlitz Motion or the ERGO ES²® back system at the herlitz Flexi and the herlitz Bliss, these models can be individually adapted to the child's size. Besides a chest strap at herlitz Motion, herlitz Flexi as well as herlitz Bliss. The herlitz Motion also features a detachable waist strap. The herlitz Midi convinces with its sporty shape and its ergonomically shaped back padding. In addition, its shoulder straps are dual adjustable in the upper and lower section. This model is especially suitable for children with narrow shoulders. All other models also feature adjustable shoulder straps and an ergonomically shaped, breathable back padding.

For safety, herlitz's reflective materials of the 3M ™ Scotchlite ™ high quality brand are used (no 3M ™ Scotchlite ™ at herlitz Bliss). The reflective strips are not only located on the front and side of the bags, but also on the shoulder straps. In addition, on some models the locks are provided with reflectors. Reflective materials provide improved visibility especially in the dark. The models herlitz Motion, herlitz SoftFlex and herlitz Midi offer additionally fluorescent materials in five bright warning colours: bright pink, bright orange, bright yellow, bright blue and bright green for better visibility at twilight as well as during the day.

Last but not least, herlitz schoolbags fill with enthusiasm due to colourful designs which provide visual and haptic features. Whether it is magical unicorns, big monster trucks, dangerous dinosaurs, cool space shuttles or cute horses - there is no limit to the imagination and detail.

herlitz Flexi: Thanks to its innovative ERGO ES²® ergonomic system, its many other features and new designs, this tried and tested premium model is an ideal companion for a perfect start in school.


Thanks to its well thought-out ergonomic system ERGO ES²®, the herlitz Flexi schoolbag can be individually adapted to the size of the child and offers highest wearing comfort. This is achieved on the one hand by the 3-stage height adjustment, the height-adjustable chest strap and the dual adjustable shoulder straps. On the other hand by the supporting and relieving function of the breathable and ergonomically shaped pack padding. Features such as the easy-to-close "Smart Lock" magnetic lock with Fidlock technology, the V-shaped elastic bands on the front flap for stowing a jacket or the volume expandable front pocket from 15 to 18 liters convince as well. Thanks to the numerous reflectors of the quality brand 3M ™ Scotchlite ™ as well as the reflector in the magnetic lock, the herlitz Flexi also offers convincing safety features. Equipped is the herlitz Flexi with a filled pencil case, a pencil pouch, a spacious sports bag and in addition with a lunch box. New great designs for example with glitter or 3D effects are available.


herlitz Motion: The modern primary school backpack scores with the innovative ergonomic concept ergoActive®, great safety features and new designs.

Thanks to the infinitely height-adjustable ergoActive® back system, the herlitz Motion is optimally positioned on the child's back and can be flexibly adapted to the child's rapidly changing body size. The height-adjustable chest strap and the detachable waist strap support additionally the wearing comfort and ensure an optimized load distribution. In terms of safety, the herlitz Motion features 3M ™ Scotchlite ™ reflective material and fluorescent material in eye-catching bright colours. In addition, it attracts attention with special features such as the magnetic lock from Fidlock or the small secret compartment in the flap. The accessories not only impress with the spacious sports bag and the practical file box, but above all also with the innovative Motion pencil box. This is a pencil pouch and pencil case in one! Thus, the herlitz Motion will become a strong companion of the schoolchild. One thing is clear: the kids will simply love the herlitz Motion designs with 3D rubber badge or with a trendy pattern mix and playful details.

herlitz SoftFlex: The flexible school backpack 
New in our assortment, the herlitz SoftFlex impresses with its great options of flexibility. Firstly, the ergonomic system ergoActive® offers a variable, height-adjustable back system which can be easily adjusted to the changing body height. An ergonomically shaped back padding, a removable hip strap and dual adjustable shoulder straps as well as an adjustable chest strap provide a comfortable and pleasant fit. In addition, exchangeable applications on the front flap and allover designs provide great flexibility in terms of changing taste and thus ensure a long lasting schoolbag. 
In terms of safety, the herlitz SoftFlex has two advantages. One is the fluorescent material in bright signal colours that provides a high level of visibility during the day and at twilight, and second the high quality reflective material that ensures a high level of visibility and safety in the dark. 

herlitz Midi: The practical all-rounder.

This schoolbag combines all the advantages of the herlitz typical features with regards to ergonomics, safety and quality. In addition, the herlitz Midi offers a spacious interior layout with a separate book compartment, an extra-large front pocket, as well as two close-fitting side pockets with zipper closures. Its narrow shape makes it particularly suitable for children with narrow shoulders. The breathable and ergonomic shaped back padding, as well as the dual-adjustable shoulder straps, offer a high wearing comfort. By using high-quality 3M ™ Scotchlite ™ reflective material and additional fluorescent material in five bright warning colours, the herlitz Midi is ideally equipped to provide more visibility and safety on the way to school – during the day and at twilight. An additional plus of comfort and safety is the easy-to-use magnetic lock from Fidlock with an integrated reflector. Many great designs with plenty of matching accessories leave nothing to be desired.

herlitz UltraLight: The soft schoolbag with exchangeable designs.

The herlitz UltraLight is a particularly light model. Due to its soft body with a drawstring closure it offers a high flexibility and fast regulation of the volume. With its very low weight of under 700 grams (when empty), this model is an absolute lightweight. Due to its ergonomically shaped back padding with adjustable shoulder straps and a height-adjustable chest strap, this model offers a high wearing comfort and adapts perfectly to the child’s back. On the way to school, reflective materials on the front, side and shoulder straps, as well as additional reflector in the lock provide quick visibility on the road. Very exciting and fun are the two exchangeable applications on the flap, which can be easily exchanged as desired.  



herlitz Loop: The light one with a modern, round shape.

The herlitz Loop is a classic schoolbag and stands out with its modern round shape. It offers a clear pocket division with a spacious inner compartment including a separate book compartment as well as two side pockets and a front pocket with a zipper closure. The lightweight model weighs less than 1 kg and features an ergonomically shaped, breathable back padding and adjustable shoulder straps, ensuring flexibility and comfort. High-quality 3M ™ Scotchlite ™ reflective material on the front, sides and shoulder straps as well as the additional reflector in the click-lock allow good visibility in the dark. 4 new different designs are available for boys and girls.


herlitz Ultimate: The school backpack for cool kids

The herlitz Ultimate offers ultimate product features. On the one hand, it is made from recycled PET bottles*. With the two-tone zippers, which are a real eye-catcher adn its sporty backpack shape, the herlitz Ultimate offers a particularly cool look - just right for cool kids. In terms of ergonomics, this model is in no way inferior to a classic schoolbag. An ergonomically shaped back padding, soft padded, dual adjustable shoulder straps and a height-adjustable chest strap provide the best wearing comfort. With its spacious compartments with a total volume of 24 liters, this model is perfectly prepared for all occasions. Sideways compression straps offer the option of simply reducing the volume and bringing the heavy materials close to the back. Reflective materials on the front, side and shoulder straps provide quick visibility in the dark. 



Strong models for pre-school, kindergarten and leisure time - the preschool Mini Softbag, the kindergarten backpack Rookie, the colourful Children’s Backpacks as well as attractive accessories complete the herlitz schoolbag assortment.

Children Backpack


Mini Softbag


Kindergarten Rookie Backpack


Accessories! Triple & double pencil cases, double and single pencil pouches.




  • The schoolbag should not be exceedingly wider than the shoulders of your child.
  • Mind a close fit of the schoolbag to the body of your child.
  • The top edge of the schoolbag should end at shoulder height.
  • The bottom edge of the schoolbag should end at waist height.
  • Regularly adjust the child's shoulder straps. Keep in mind that your child is constantly growing!


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