„Pelikan Passion“ Magazine

180 years of Pelikan, 180 years of passion. The Pelikan anniversary is here to spread a message coming from the depth of the heart: Passion worldwide! We owe this moment to our founder, Carl Hornemann, who was a pioneer and laid the foundation for his successors, Günther Wagner and Fritz Beindorff. Together, they showed courage and an inventive spirit, and established our company in the international market. A great success that we maintain conscientiously today. After all, passion is a way of life for Pelikan.

What is it that motivates us today? We want to reach the hearts of our customers and inspire them with the outstanding Pelikan quality, represented by the “Made in Germany” epithet. Again and again. Accordingly, this year we are celebrating both an anniversary as well as a premiere, since this is the debut edition of our new customer magazine “Passion” with which Pelikan is starting a new chapter in communication for aficionados of fine writing. Our wealth of experience and expertise will be on display throughout, joined by exciting topics and stories in which you are bound to find exciting forays into the worlds of art, culture, and inspiration. We combine fascinating writing instruments with modern lifestyle, and are delighted to present ourselves to you in a new light. How is ink actually made? How individually do people write in other cultural settings? And what does the “art of the nib” mean? We would like to invite you warmly to become familiar with our unmistakable handwriting – share our passion and discover our world of handwriting culture.