Souverän® 600 Tortoiseshell-Red

This colourful series gives our classic Souverän a bright and warm appearance. The extraordinary colour variation is reminiscent of a beautiful sunset and encourages us to stroll down memory lane. The slightly transparent barrel is made out of cellulose acetate and shimmers in a light brown and orange. Traditionally the cap and all other parts of the casing consist of high-grade resin. These parts are featured in a warm red, which is one reason for the fascinating bright appearance of the writing instrument. The shiny gold rings, the traditional beak-like clip and the 14-carat bi-colour gold nib with rhodium trim harmonize perfectly with the warm interplay of colours of the series Tortoiseshell-Red. 

The piston fountain pen will be available with the nib-sizes EF, F, M or B. In addition to the piston fountain pen there will also be a ballpoint pen with twist mechanism available. 

As a completion we are recommending the matching flacon of Edelstein Ink Mandarin.

  • Special Edition
  • M600
  • Tortoiseshell-Red
  • Fountain Pen with piston mechanism
  • Both barrel and cap made of high-quality resin
  • Gold nib 14K
  • Gold plated application
  • B nib
  • Warranty 3 years

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