Precious artwork in Spanish style

The art of working with Damascus steel goes back thousands of years. It means that steel or iron objects are decorated by engraving a pattern into the surface.  This technique came with the Arabs into Spain and has been perfected throughout the centuries, particularly in the famous Spanish town Toledo.

In the year 1931 Pelikan adopted it for model Toledo with so much success that the design has remained virtually unchanged throughout the years. Today the decorative sleeve is made of one piece in Sterling Silver. Every Toledo fountain pen is a unique piece made in Germany because the tiny engravings in the motif are made by hand and making each Pelikan feather come alive. Due to the high amount of work, a maximum of 200 pieces can be created per month.

If you own a Toledo fountain pen, you own a piece of art and a small piece of history.

  • M700
  • Fountain Pen with Piston Mechanism
  • Cap and front piece as well as the end piece are made of high-quality resin.
  • 18 carat two-tone gold nib
  • Gold plated application
  • F nib
  • Attractive Toledo 700 gift box
  • Warranty 3 years

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