Infinite creativity stowed compactly: The durable and reusable universal shelf from the range of the Pelikan Kreativfabrik contains 10 sticks of Creaplast® children's clay. The 10 bright colors are white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green, brown and black. Creaplast® is a high-quality, permanently plastic putty for modeling and designing. It is particularly soft and supple right from the start. In addition, the plasticine for children does not stain the hands and promotes the motor and sensory skills of the child.

  • 10 bright colours in a practical universal shelf for easy storage
  • Ideal for school and leisure
  • Ideal addition to the creative factory basic set
  • Can be combined with other creative floor in the Pelikan Kreativfabrik
  • Sticker sheet for personalization/ name
  • 200gm modeling clay
  • Made in Germany

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